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Cash Bonds

A cash bond is a type of bail bond that is required to be paid in cash to the court or jail to secure the release of the defendant.  

To post a cash bond, the defendant or someone on their behalf pays the full bail amount in cash to the court or jail.  If the defendant appears in court as directed until all proceedings have been completed, then typically the cash bond is returned in full, minus any court fees or fines.  If the defendant fails to appear in court as required, the cash bond is forfeited, and a warrant is issued for the defendant’s arrest.

Lederman Bonding Company can assist you with posting a cash bond.  We understand not everyone has the means to post a cash bond in full.  To start the process of posting a cash bond, call Lederman Bail Bonds so we can gather and verify information on your person.  An experienced agent will walk you through the bonding process and explain the different options available to your situation.

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