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How Lederman became the #1 Bail Bonding Company in the Midwest. It all starts with exceptional service. Lederman Bail Bonds works hard to be fast and professional, with over 150 local agents in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. We even have the ability to post bail bonds nationwide through a network of independent agents. We got to be #1 by focusing on great customer service. That starts with being available around the clock. As a result, Lederman’s reputation is the best in the business from providing excellent service to our clients to building a great rapport with…

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Working To Protect Your Freedom. The most important service we offer is preserving your freedom throughout the legal process. The courts accept our assurance in the form of a bond that you will honor your obligation to appear. Because they do, we are able to provide this service to defendants for a small percentage of the total bail amount. Our service is provided for every situation requiring bail (including proceedings related to immigration). Beyond providing the actual bond, we maintain effective and positive communication between defendants, court personnel and the attorneys assigned to the case. This makes it easier for…

Here's How Bail Works

Private bail bonding has been a part of our legal system for a very long time. It is, in fact, a right established by the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution forbidding excessive bail.
The surety assures the courts that the full bail amount will be paid, if necessary. The courts trust that surety on the basis of the standards they have established as well as their reputation as a trusted representative of the defendant. Over time, this system has proven itself to be a highly effective tool for both the courts and defendants. Historically, the court appearance rate for Lederman clients approaches 100% – considerably higher than “own recognizance” or other release programs. Courts are more certain that defendants will appear and no tax money is at risk.

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