Understanding the Bail Bonding Process

Bail Bonding Process

At Lederman Bail Bonds, we want you to feel confident during the whole bail bonding process that you are getting yourself, or your loved one, out of jail with the most thorough and professional company in the country.

For this reason, we have taken it upon ourselves to outline the bonding process from start to finish from the perspective of either yourself or your loved one. We want your decision to be an informed one when you choose to work with Lederman Bail Bonds. Here is how we will get yourself, or your loved one, back home.

Step 1: Call Us

From the perspective of the defendant, first, from within the jail, you will have the opportunity to make free phone calls to Lederman Bail Bonds. The jail will provide you with our number if you ask for us specifically. You can also call this number if you have a warrant out for your arrest and want to be sure you will get out of jail promptly once you turn yourself in.

If you are trying to get a loved one out of jail, call us or find the nearest Lederman Bail Bonds location.

Step 2: Interview

At Lederman Bail Bonds, we want to ensure we have all the information necessary to commence releasing you from jail.  Once you call our number we will start an interview process. This interview process allows us to figure out how to post your particular bond. If you are calling on behalf of a loved one, these are the pieces of information we might ask for:

  • First and last name
  • Booking number
  • Holding Location
  • Bail Amount

Step 3: Sign & Pay 10% Fee

For the bond itself you, or a loved one, will sign for the full amount of the bond. For this example, let’s say the bond is for $ 1,000. You, or a loved one, would sign an indemnitor agreement for one thousand dollars. However, you would only pay a small fee of 10%. (Sometimes administrative or mileage costs are added to this. Your exact price will be communicated clearly and honestly before your bond is posted).

Once you go to all of your court dates, then all you will have ever paid is the upfront fee. However, if you did not go to court and we were not able to get a hold of you, we would insist legally that the full bond amount is paid back to us.

Step 4: Posting Bail

Once the specifics are set up, our local agent will post the bond at the jail. You, or a loved one, will be released. Upon release, the defendant will sign an agreement promising to attend all court dates successfully. Then, you go home to your family and appear at all of your court dates exorcising your right to defend yourself against the criminal charges.

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